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Cozy Simple Farmhouse Entryway Decor Ideas

I keep telling you about decorating ideas for the entrance area because your home decor wouldn’t be finished without this small space. Today you will see farmhouse entrances that are really welcoming and inspiring and that are perfect to complete your farmhouse design. To create one, you need shabby chic or just rustic furniture, pieces of wood, and baskets for storage. Don’t be afraid of various cute decorations such as wreaths, banners, letters, tents or even boots to give your entrance area the look of a farmhouse. Frames, twigs, and your personal flea market finds don’t cost much, but they look good. Check out the ideas below and create your own cozy entry!

Colors and materials

The decor of the farmhouse is mostly about neutral colors like white, off-white, light gray, light brown, beige and pastel colors. You can choose whitewashed or white wooden walls and a wooden floor – wood is a distinctive material for a farmhouse space. For materials, in addition to wood, you can also use rattan and wicker, and some tin or metal, which are great for decorating entrances to vintage and shabby chic farmhouses.


A piece of seating is a must for an entrance area, and if we take farmhouse entrance areas, in most cases it will be a bench. A bench can be vintage and pastel colors, white or whitewashed or stained – better stained dark for a contrast to the rest of the room.

Another must is a rack or shelf or storage unit. It can be painted, whitewashed, stained, or weathered, and whichever piece you choose, keep the amount of clothes, shoes, and accessories that you have to deal with to avoid clutter.

A console table is not always seen in an entrance area as it takes up some space and only gives the room an aesthetic value. If you choose a console, choose one made of wood, with a vintage look or in a more modern setting. Prefer neutral or pastel tones, or just whitewash the console and voila!


Decor makes the room! Hang up country lamps, add jute rugs, pillows, blankets and baskets for storage. Create a gallery wall with your own images, signs, photos, monograms and anything else you want. Go seasonal: pumpkins for fall, blossoms and greens for spring and summer, sleds and skis for winter.

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