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Cozy Modern Barn Style House

Elliott Architects designed this barn-like house in Tyne Valley, England, with double-height living space under a steep gable ceiling. The house is called North Bank.

Despite its rural location, the house is close to the road and has neighbors on three sides. It is designed to look out over the Tyne Valley to the north and the Pennines to the south. The shape of the house references the nearby Causeway House, an old farmhouse with one of the few remaining examples of a black thatched roof – the lost art of heather straw. While the silhouette of the new building reflects the steep roof pitch of these old structures, the thatched roof has been replaced with a more contemporary zinc finish. Metal was chosen to refer to the nearby 18th century smelters. The cladding was completed by the customers with Douglas fir from the region. “

Spread over two floors, half of the ground floor is located in a double-height, south-facing living, dining and kitchen area. The other half, a little higher up, has a study and a study. Upstairs are two larger bedrooms at either end of the house and two smaller ones in the middle, separated by a bathroom. Square windows on the ground floor and skylights in the steep roof follow the sun’s path throughout the day, with deep interior paneling that creates seating areas. The double high living area is the focus of the house. It is located under the exposed wooden gable ceiling and is surmounted by an interior window from the bedroom above. Light brown sealed plaster covers the interior walls of this room, creating a rustic finish that compliments the exposed wood of the roof structure.

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