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Cozy Cedar Winds Farmhouse

Cedar Winds Farmhouse is a Foursquare-style American home built in Columbia, Tennessee, in 1898. It was built by the Cooper family on land that once belonged to President James K. Polk’s grandfather. The trees that were cut down for the house were used to build the farmhouse, which includes handcrafted beaded boards with tongue and groove, and wooden floorboards.

The farmhouse has 4 bedrooms, 2.5 baths, and 2,999 square feet. The owners respect and admire the original details and historical craftsmanship. The Cedar Winds Farmhouse is equipped with modern luxury and has been carefully restored. The family room is a newer addition to the farmhouse and features tongue and groove beads on the ceiling that match the original rooms. The papered beadboard was exposed, the kitchen and living room were expanded and water treatment and sprinkler systems were installed. There is a wood burning stove for cool nights on the porch. The interiors are decorated with vintage furniture, including some restored pieces and some other shabby-chic and vintage touches to create an ambience.

The foundation has been reconstructed, the vapor barrier installed and over the past 2 years a complete sewage treatment plant has been replaced to ensure a top quality home that you will be proud to host your friends in. Really no maintenance or enhancements have been made, including plumbing, electrical, and other not-so-exciting improvements.

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