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Corner Furniture Items

Corners are usually considered dead space as you cannot place a sofa or chair there, and traditional storage items cannot be placed there either. But there is a way to use that dead space, and there is some furniture you can push in there – corner furniture! We have prepared some ideas for such furniture to maximize the functionality of your corners. Take a look at the examples.

Corner shelves

Corner shelves are here to save tiny spaces! They give you more storage space, even in a tiny entryway (put your shoes on shelves like this), bathroom or kitchen where it is very important. You can vary the design, make the shelves triangular, curved, or regular, and try using ledge shelves to keep all things on the shelves secure. Open boxes with shelves inside – chaotically placed or not – is a fresh and bold contemporary idea. Take a look at shelves with a single base and a few shelves. In addition to being wall-mounted, they can also be placed on the floor, which is much easier and faster. You can just tinker some corner shelves yourself to match your space and decor – there are tons of tutorials out there on the internet.

Corner cabinets

A corner cabinet is a great idea for many rooms: dining and living rooms, kitchens and bedrooms and of course bathrooms. If we take dining and living spaces, these are usually large cabinets with some glass, open and closed shelves, designed in a rustic and vintage style. You can take an old device and renovate it for your home or get it in need. It gives the room a sophisticated touch. There are also smaller corner cabinets that can be used in bathrooms for storage or in living rooms to make a home bar. A small corner cabinet can also help you in an entrance area. Just keep your shoes there and put a few little things on them. Maximum squeeze your place!

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