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Coolest Ikea Outdoor Hacks

Summer is in full swing and it is high time to beautify your room with cool accessories or a new piece of furniture that rocks. In this case, IKEA is your best friend: there are many things that you can easily freshen up and make your space much better and more comfortable. Today we’re sharing some cool ideas to try them out. These hacks are perfect for any outdoor space, from the tiny balcony to the large patio. Let yourself be inspired!


Ikea furniture stimulates your imagination and you start creating like never before! The most popular idea is an outdoor bar or ice box for cooling drinks. You can take any IKEA cart to turn it into a stylish bar in the colors and look you prefer. As for the ice chest, get a dresser – it’s an ideal piece to change over. If you need a small piece, take a plant stand and add a tray, it will do for a very simple bar. Seating is number two that everyone cares about, and here any bench would do – paint and stencil it however you like. If you’re feeling creative, take an IKEA day bed and turn it into a comfortable outdoor sofa – what can be better than that? The final point is tables: take a tiny picnic table with a stool, or a large low table made up of benches or ordinary tables. There are tons of hacks that you can try.

Other things

As for other cool IKEA outdoor hacks, I’d call planters first. Potted greens and blooms are meant to liven up any outdoor space, and you can make stylish planters from various bowls of your choice and even create crazy looks. With IKEA slatted floorboards on the wall, you can create a cool planter holder that is perfect for small rooms and balconies. Get inspired and hack your IKEA piece in style!

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