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Cool White Bathrooms

White is more of a traditional color for a bathroom, and I’ll bet you’ve all seen a lot of it. But if you still want to rock that exact color in your bathroom, there are ways to make it more interesting. Here are some of the easiest and coolest.


The minimalist decor style is growing in popularity and I bet it will soon take over the world. This laconic style means it doesn’t take much to make an impression and the space is as neat as possible, which is essential for small bathrooms. Clean lines, no clutter and minimal decor create a relaxing and soothing ambience in the room, nothing will distract you during your bathing experience. To make the bathroom more catchy, you can add a touch of black for a contrast or a touch of wood for coziness. Try different textures like concrete, different tiles, or whitewashed wood for a bolder look. Another simple idea is to use textures in white.


Marble is a timeless material that gives any room a luxurious feel. It is sure to make your bathroom more interesting and bolder. It instantly feels like a home spa regardless of the marble color you prefer. You can cover the entire room with marble or just some rooms or objects. Marble is always a spa touch for your bathroom. The only problem with this is that it’s expensive, but there is a solution: just take marble tiles, they don’t cost that much and they don’t look worse than the real marble. Such tiles come in all sorts of colors and patterns today, so you can get a look you want without wasting a lot of money.


Wood touches are a super easy and timeless way to upgrade any bathroom and it won’t cost you much. Wood immediately gives the ultra-minimalist room a cozy and warm feeling. It can be a wooden shelf, wooden stool, vanity, or all of them and the shade of the wood is yours. You can make your bathroom even more personal by making some pieces of wood for your room yourself. Do not forget about the waterproof surfaces, otherwise the items can be damaged by water.

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