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Cool Rustic Christmas Decorations And Wreaths

The rustic Christmas style looks very cute and cozy, is welcoming, and just what you need to relax after a cold winter day. We have put together some cool rustic Christmas decorations for you to use in your design. Rustic means above all wood, bark and burlap. That’s why burlap ball ornaments, garlands made from wooden discs, bark ornaments – easy to make and look cool. Don’t forget the wreaths – pine branches, pine cones and wooden disc wreaths will do. Take candlesticks made from pieces of wood, some star wood ornaments, some pine cone decorations and your rustic Christmas will be unforgettable!

Natural touch

Natural decor is all you need for some rustic Christmas styling! Opt for evergreen trees and small Christmas trees – not just one that is usually large. Put them in pots and baskets, in galvanized buckets and bathtubs and decorate them with vintage ornaments. Put firewood in baskets, buckets and wire baskets, add lights, pine cones, evergreens and sticks. Add berries, artificial or real leaves, twigs and antlers, and use wooden discs as chargers or placemats. Make a sign from wooden boards, bring in moss and textured green for a cozier and more natural feel.

Rustic decorations

How do you bring a rustic feel to it? Go for plaid and tartan ornaments, bedding, and even rugs or drapes. Use vintage ornaments and decorations, add sleds and skis to the decor. Use burlap for tree decorations and table setting, make felt stockings, wooden ornaments and so on. Get more super creative ideas below!

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