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Cool Rustic Bathroom Designs

Rustic style means being close to the landscape. Leaving a rustic room appears to be outside. The main features are mainly natural materials such as stone and wood, as well as calm furniture. A rustic bathroom creates a relaxed atmosphere very easily. It’s a cozy place where you can enjoy a bathtub with lots of foam and feel closer to nature. Natural wood and stone floors are the most common idea here. Raw wood furniture is on point. After the base is made, the designers decide what style to add and do some pretty details accordingly.

Rustic style combined with industrial, minimalist, contemporary, wabi-sabi-shabby chic and traditional style, so the accessories and appliances are usually selected according to the mix. Combine rustic style with whatever other styles you like and show it off with furniture, accessories, carpets, potted greens and flowers, mirrors and lamps and other details. As for the colors, play with any hues and colors and highlight the wood tones with some contrasting elements. Check out the pictures below and get inspired!

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