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Cool Outdoor Deck Designs

We have already introduced you to some terraces, verandas, ponds and fountains for the design of your garden. Maybe you need a deck now – a place with wooden boards, some kind of terrace somewhere in your yard. What’s cool about a deck? You can go barefoot and enjoy natural wood under your feet that is always warm due to the sunlight. You can create a deck deck or deck near the pool for sunbathing, or create a gazebo for al fresco dining. Vegetable garden near the deck or just a few trees and plants will do, but if romance is your thing, put up a hot tub and brazier and enjoy your peace and quiet!

How to style

Choose the decor you like: rustic, shabby chic, eclectic, modern, minimalist, Scandinavian, Nordic or any other. Once you’ve made up your mind, choose the furniture and decor accordingly: wood furniture and a fire pit for a rustic space, minimalist wood and concrete furniture for a minimalist space, light boho and rattan furniture for a boho deck. Wicker and rattan furniture goes with many decorating styles so you can peel them off for most of them. Think about built-ins – a built-in bench saves a lot of space, can include some storage space, and such a solution gives you more space that is not wasted. You can add a canopy or umbrella to hide from the sun.

How to make yourself comfortable

The first thing to think about is privacy – make a screen or opt for a living wall that will keep you private. Then think of lights – hang them over the room, place candle lanterns all around, create a fire pit or fireplace to create an ambience and cosiness. Add printed carpets, light colored pillows and cushions, a bright chandelier for decor, and of course potted greens and flowers that really freshen up the room.

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