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Cool Outdoor Barbeque Areas

It’s so warm and lovely outside that I couldn’t think of a better weekend than taking some friends over for a barbecue. If you enjoy cooking meat, fish, and vegetables for your friends and family, then you need a good outdoor kitchen, and perhaps especially – an outdoor barbecue area. The idea is very simple: just put a grill, some grill tables, and a dining area where you want. It is better to place the dining area under a roof to avoid excessive sunlight or, on the contrary, rain. The decor is up to you, but choose between durable and weatherproof materials like stone, steel, tile and so on. Let the following ideas inspire you!

Outdoor BBQ areas

An outdoor barbecue area is an outdoor kitchen or a mini version: it includes a grill, possibly a pizza oven, a sink, some storage space, and countertops. The style and look of this space is up to you: stone, brick, and wood are great for rustic and traditional outdoor kitchens. Smooth wood, metal and plywood, and concrete are perfect for a modern and minimalist kitchen. If you’re only considering durable materials, choose metal, concrete, stone, and brick, and skip or at least seal wood to withstand harsh weather conditions. Covering your outdoor grill with a roof is a good idea to make cooking more convenient.

Outdoor dining areas

The dining area can be placed through the grill zone or the cooking zone can flow into a dining zone. If you don’t have a lot of space, prefer a countertop next to your grill or opt for a kitchen island with a cooking area and an additional raised dining area. If there is enough space, you can choose a separate restaurant with a stylish set that suits your style, or just a table and some relaxed rattan chairs or stools. Add a fireplace for coziness, potted greenery and blossoms to liven up the space.

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