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Cool Mirrors For Your Entryway

A mirror is a must have in a hallway: you can look at it and find out if everything is okay before you leave. A mirror is a trendy decor element that goes with any decor style and theme and fills your room with light so that it looks bigger – ideal for tight spaces. If you’re looking to buy one but don’t know what to choose, here are three of the trendiest types.


A round mirror is a classic in the entrance area and is suitable for absolutely every room: small or large, boho or modern or for any other. Make a statement with a really large round mirror in a frame or without a frame for a seamless look – it’s a very trendy solution that goes with any entrance style. A normal round mirror is also a good idea, but it will bring less light into the room than a larger one. If you’re looking for something bolder and catchier, try a duo of round mirrors. It will work for sure, but don’t forget that the frames should be the same and different sizes will add more interest. Rock a lot of round mirrors of different sizes – they will become a wonderful decorative element.


A mirror in a nifty vintage frame always works! Now that the trend is to incorporate elements of a different style into interiors, you can hang one in any entryway – from the minimalist to the rustic. Find a suitable piece in a frame that is suitable for your space. If you wish, you can build an oversized floor mirror into an exquisite frame for a wow factor.

Mirrored walls

A whole wall with a mirror is a cool idea for a small room, and most of the entrances are small. They go with many styles of decoration, but mostly glamor, art deco, minimalism and contemporary. For more catchiness, choose an antique mirror, a smoked mirror, or try a pattern. Such an idea is not very good if you have pets or children, they can break the wall.

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