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Cool Living Rooms With Brick Walls

A living room is often the coziest room in the house to hang out with family and friends, and every designer or owner tries to make it as welcoming as possible. A fireplace, some plants, and fur would make your living room cozy, and of course a stone or brick wall! Yes, it’s hard to believe, but rough brick will make any room cozy and cheerful, despite the style you choose. In fact, a wall is easy to customize to your interior and colors – just choose the size and colors you need – white for shabby chic or strict dark gray for an industrial space. Very often a fireplace is made of bricks, and the wall behind it continues the decor. Take a look at the living spaces below and choose the ideas to use for your home decor!

Neutral brick walls

If you prefer neutral colors, you can opt for a white, whitewashed, or just neutral brick statement wall in shades of gray or sand. White bricks easily go with many styles of decoration: Boho, Scandinavian, Modern, Modern, Contemporary, Glamor and others. You can design all of the walls this way or opt for a single accent wall made from neutral bricks. If you can’t make a real exposed brick wall, go for artificial brick panels. You can fill the neutral space with colorful furniture, light textiles, accessories and works of art or keep the space neutral with white furniture, works of art and accessories.

Red brick walls

Red brick is a classic that goes with many styles of decoration: industrial, boho, modern mid-century, contemporary, and others. Red bricks can be a little too light to cover all of the walls, so it’s usually a single statement wall or two walls. Red brick looks bolder and more textured, adds catchiness and interest to the room, but don’t worry – if you decide red brick is too light, you can always whitewash it for a muted look, or soften the red brick look with white or neutral mortar. If you want to whitewash red bricks, you can even use any brick-clad walls. Check out the examples to incorporate bricks into your living room decor and get some inspiration!

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