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Cool Blue Bathroom Design Ideas

Soothing skies and vibrant blue-green oceans surround the whole world, and shades of blue are great for decorating rooms. They cool, soothe, and soothe – I literally can’t name a better color for a bathroom. Why not continue this theme in your own bathroom? We have put together a large gallery of bathrooms in azure, turquoise, sapphire, indigo, cerulean and other shades of blue for you. These wonderful colors are perfect for a calming and relaxing bathroom and what else do you need after long hours? We hope you find inspiration for yourself in these cool blue bathrooms.

Blue walls, ceilings and floors

There are many types of blue to choose from: powder blue, serenity blue, lots of light blue, navy and midnight blue, and much more. Any of them can be used in any bathroom, from the ocean to the rustic or farmhouse. Blues always works. The easiest and most popular idea to add blue to the bathroom is to decorate the floors, ceilings and walls. This can be done in many other ways as well. Paint the wall blue, try dressing your walls with blue tiles, or choose a beadboard painted blue. The same goes for the floors, although blue tiles are the most popular idea, they can also be extended to one wall or multiple walls. Another cool idea is to dress up a bathtub with blue tiles, dress up a sink with blue tiles, or just accentuate the shower with blue tiles in the bathroom. Opt for bold blue-printed wallpaper on the walls – wallpaper is a hot decor trend, especially in powder rooms. The blues can be freshened up with white, creamy, gray, brown and other light hues, or you can use color blockers in your bathroom by combining blue with other light colors.

Blue furniture and decor

Blue furniture and decorations can be added to any bathroom to make it stand out with color. Blue vanities, side tables, chairs, a storage unit, a blue wash basin, a framed mirror, a curtain or a blue bathtub. If you have more furniture like chairs or sofas, you can upholster them with blue. Opt for bold blue carpets, towels, and other textiles that you may need. Don’t forget about the artwork in blues you like and your bathroom will be super chic. Enjoy!

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