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Contrasting Kitchen Island Ideas

There are many trends in kitchen decor popping up: two-tone kitchens, concrete back walls, countertops made from butcher’s blocks, penny tiles and soon. Do you need further trends for a fashion-conscious kitchen? Today we’re looking at another cool trend, which is contrasting kitchen islands.

A contrasting kitchen island means the island is different from the cabinets. The piece usually has the same style as your cabinets, but looks completely different and can make a statement with its color or decor. You can connect it to the cabinets with the same countertops, or at least made of the same material. Let’s look at some inspiring ideas!

Contrasting kitchen islands

A completely different kitchen island is a good idea to make a bold statement – with style, with materials, with colors, with everyone together. It can also be used to add a touch of a different style to your kitchen decor. It can be a bold stone and metal island in a minimalist kitchen, it can be a rustic stained wood island in a modern room, or a stone island in a kitchen with wooden cabinets. Such a solution always guarantees that your kitchen will not get boring.

Contrasting kitchen islands that are bound

A contrasting kitchen island can be tied to your kitchen cabinets for a stylish, unified look. The most popular idea is to order a kitchen island that looks the same as the cabinets but is a different color. This is a great way to add a colorful touch to your space. Another idea is to rock the same countertop as you would on the kitchen cabinets. It’s a cool and catchy way of creating a bold look, but it’s a bit uniform. You can use the same material for the kitchen island countertop and backsplash too. This is a more original way of connecting the part to the rest of the room.

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