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Contemporary Whimsy Apartment

Interior designers are constantly faced with challenges, but not every day you come across an apartment with such a poorly planned interior that they have to restructure everything. This is exactly what designer Dmitry Barashko had to do when asked to remodel an apartment in the center of Minsk, Belarus. The apartment had a very impractical floor plan that didn’t have a single straight wall. All of its long walls separated radially from the center and were curved, which made it very difficult and even impossible to actually use some of the rooms.

A whole new structure was created. The apartment has been completely reorganized, this time with square walls. As it turns out, creativity and practicality are not mutually exclusive. The new interior design is modern and simple. The focus is mainly on the materials and finishes, but the spaces definitely don’t lack character. The lights are sculptural and graphically designed to grab attention without being too noticeable.

The living room, kitchen and dining area are seamlessly connected and form the most spacious part of the apartment. The kitchen is almost entirely white and has a massive and elegant island made of white marble. There is a bedroom with a chic and glamorous design that gives it an airy and open feel. Check out the pictures of this gorgeous apartment below!

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