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Contemporary Unique House England

Standing in a former apple orchard amidst the beautiful Kent countryside is a reinterpretation of the traditional Oast House by Studio Acme. The contemporary apartment is based closely on local oast houses and their conical roofs, which were used to dry hops as part of the beer brewing process.

The proportions of the tower rondelle are based on traditional east geometries, but are slightly apart from each other; Create internal and external views. Each of the “oasts” contains the more private functions of a home such as bedrooms and bathrooms. The towers between them form a triple high central room that opens onto the orchard and forms the heart of the house.

The building has a delicate transition from open to private. The oasts form open pockets with a common room on the ground floor, common rooms on the first floor and secluded tree house-like retreats on the second floor. Each of the bedroom areas is located in a roof cone and is arranged on two levels. In the children’s rooms, a play area is created on the lower level, which can later be adapted for studying, while the master bedroom is equipped with a walk-in closet and a private bathroom. Spiral stairs with curved handrails lead to the upper conical bedrooms. All window openings have sightings formed by the walls folded into them, which increases the refraction of light in the rooms. The curvatures of every space have required the use of surfaces that can handle it. Plywood was used extensively because it was easy to bend, while in the bathrooms, mosaic tiles and microcement were used to accommodate the geometry.

Traditional oast houses are brick towers with clapboard-clad wooden roof cones. In order to create a house with very low energy consumption, it was decided to build the entire building as a highly insulated wooden structure. The building is also designed to Passive House standards for airtightness, using the oast cones to encourage slow air movement and to purge ventilation from tall openings in summer.

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