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Contemporary Tropical Home

This vacation home in Guarujá, Brazil, designed by local studios Zalc Arquitetura and Rua 141, features tropical plants, glass, and boulders. The house, called House NK, extends over 400 square meters on a 525 square meter property with lush planting. a garden, an outdoor pool and a covered terrace. Perimeter property walls are also filled with plants.

The house NK has a rectangular floor plan and a flat roof. It features long balconies with glass railings on the front and back, covered by a geometric pergola. One driveway has grass growing through flagstone while rough Spanish stones form the walls of the floor. For a contrast between natural and artificial materials, the upper floor is made of light gray painted stucco.

The balcony at the front of the house protrudes to the other side to create a covered entrance and carport where a glass wall exposes the living room of the house. Upon entering, there is a foyer that leads to a double-high living and dining room with an expansive glass wall and a staircase. Sliding glass doors lead to an outside grill and dining area. On the ground floor there is also the kitchen, a TV room and two bedrooms with private bathrooms.

Upstairs there is another sitting area with glass railings overlooking the living room. Up here are four en-suite bedrooms, two on each side and sliding glass doors to the terraces. Bathrooms have skylights that provide natural light and ventilation to reduce electricity needs, and solar panels are also used to heat water. The excess heat is used to heat the pool. White walls are contrasted with the abundance of wood furniture and accents of thatch, rattan, and hemp to create a natural yet contemporary feel. House NK is furnished with many pieces by Brazilian designers.

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