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Contemporary Riverside House

The Herba house is located in Torun, Poland, on a plot of land between two protected areas near the historic city center. It was designed and built by the architectural office Pracownia Projectowa Jakub Sucharski and offers a total of 700 square meters of living space, which are arranged on several floors without different privacy.

There are two main parts of the house. One is a structure next to the road with a black exterior and a gable roof and the other is a much more open structure with large glass walls, patios and a flat roof. The first volume contains the garage, the laundry room and a number of service and technical areas. The other is where the living rooms, kitchen, bedrooms and some other rooms are located. It has a lovely view of the river, with large lush trees framing it on both sides. Particular attention was paid to the relationship between inside and outside. One of the architects’ main goals was to blur the boundaries between the house and its surroundings. They achieved this through a number of different strategies that involved using the same type of wood for the indoor and outdoor floors, hiding the window profiles, and enclosing multiple mini indoor gardens and green spaces throughout the home. Check this out from the box house below!

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