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Contemporary Black Tower House

This black house was built by the Glamuzina Paterson Architects studio and is located on a steep New Zealand spot that is accessible from above and via a winding path between the trees. Why black It is an attempt to create a visual harmony between architecture and nature. The house has a tower-like design because the owners wanted a house among the treetops and wanted to preserve the surrounding landscape as much as possible. It has a ground floor with a small footprint of only 47 square meters and additional upper floors that are even smaller with a diameter of 34 square meters.

The house was built on a modest budget and maintains a simple aesthetic inside and out based on functionality. The two outer decks follow the contours of the land and create a close connection between the interior and the exterior. The north facing facade is completely exposed to the beautiful tree canopy and has large glazed surfaces that frame this beautiful view. The interior of the house is divided into four levels, making a clear distinction between the different areas and their specific functions.

The kitchen and dining room, for example, are slightly raised, giving the impression of a sunken living room. At the same time, the living room is a double-height room that, despite its reduced dimensions, feels very light, airy and spacious. The use of reclaimed wood for the flooring and the warm and earthy selection of surfaces and colors create a very pleasant and comfortable atmosphere throughout the black house.

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