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Contemporary Alpine House

This house is alpine, but don’t expect to see it in the Alps – it’s in the Southern Alps! The Southern Alps stretch along New Zealand’s South Island and offer some amazing vistas that add to the local slang and make projects like this one unique and extraordinary. This is a house designed and built by Ben Hudson Architects. It is divided into two main volumes, which are connected by the entrance area, and serves as a cozy family house for four people.

The owners wanted it to blend in with the landscape and complement the location as well as everything else around it. The architects sought inspiration for the traditional designs of the farm buildings in the area, but ultimately opted for a contemporary aesthetic that would allow the home to remain humble and natural looking.

One of the pavilions houses the private rooms, while the other serves as an extended living area. The kitchen, dining room, living area and study share a single large volume and have a mezzanine. A small wood-burning fireplace adds warmth to the social area, and the wood floors and cedar furniture soften the austere and cold atmosphere that all the raw concrete brings with it. All earthy colors throughout the home have a similar role in harmonizing the decor, but they also help create a visual connection between the home and its natural surroundings.

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