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Contemporary 100 Year Townhouse

AAmp Studio was hired to completely renovate and add to a 100 year old townhouse in the West End of Toronto. The scope of the project included redesigning the entire interior space into an open floor plan and adding a third floor to the narrow structure.

The Sunnyside Townhouse now has spacious, light-filled rooms with light wood floors and white walls throughout much of the interior. In contrast, bold black accents were set in the kitchen and the dark staircase that spans all three floors. While many of the larger elements and surfaces in the townhouse are white or black, other colors and textures have been used to keep the eye occupied as you scan each room – you’ll see bright pillows here and there or bold artwork.

The decor of the rooms is contemporary, you can see sleek lines and floating objects, chic modern faucets and copper fixtures to add a timeless metallic touch. The color palette for the restraint is varied using different materials such as stone, wood, tile, plywood and different types of fabric. All rooms are filled with daylight thanks to large windows and skylights.

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