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Concrete House On A Steep Slope

The LLF house was designed by Studio Obra Arquitetos and is an absolutely charming structure in São José dos Campos, Brazil. An essential determining factor for the design and distribution of the rooms was the fact that the location has a very steep slope. Also, the house is quite small compared to the total size of the property. As a result, the architects positioned it in the center of the property and structured it over two floors.

Surrounded by vegetation, the house looks perfect here. It reacts to this difficult topography with grace and has a very strong relationship with the immediate surroundings and with nature in general. The roof of the first floor also serves as the floor for a flat surface on which the other rooms can extend outwards. In this way, both levels enjoy a seamless connection to the outdoors. In addition, the social areas lack rigid barriers and they flow seamlessly into one another. This ensures flexibility and freedom in the entire floor plan.

The ground floor (or the basement) houses the private rooms, depending on how you look at it: four bedrooms connected to a garden. On the top floor (or main level) are the common rooms as well as the garage and the service areas. All rooms have a strong connection to the outside area and can be easily opened there as there are glass walls / sliding doors.

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