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Concrete Home Decor Ideas

Concrete as a building and decoration material has already conquered the whole world, is budget-friendly, easy to install and looks elegant and modern. Concrete is widely used for many styles of decoration and for a variety of things, from walls and floors to furniture and accessories. Many of these things can be made by yourself, which is another great benefit. If you are interested in concrete and want to try it out for decorating your home, this roundup is exactly what you need as I am sharing some ways to use concrete in your home in cool ways.

Concrete walls

Concrete walls are a popular thing these days. Leave them rough and unfinished for a cooler and trendier look. Concrete is a super practical solution that can be used one after the other in kitchens and bathrooms and of course in showers. Concrete can last a very long time without losing its sleek, modern look, and it’s pretty easy to take care of. Plus, you can make such walls yourself – what else do you need to clean often in rooms like bathrooms where it’s damp or in the kitchen to make your backsplash? You can also use concrete for living room and bedroom walls for a modern or industrial look, and for male spaces I can’t even name a more suitable material. If you want something a little more eye-catching, choose concrete mosaic tiles to create an accent wall. To make the room warmer, you can try warm wooden floors and ceilings with concrete walls.

Concrete floors

Laying concrete floors is done for the same reasons I mentioned earlier: it’s budget-friendly, self-installable, and looks modern and fresh while being durable at the same time. Concrete floors are usually polished to prevent cracks and dirt build-up. They can be a bit slippery, but concrete can also be sealed with a non-slip epoxy coating to improve texture and prevent falls and injuries. If you think concrete is boring and monotonous, you are so wrong! There are different shades of this material and besides, you can paint it yourself or dye it with acid for an eye-catching look. Concrete can be painted and polished so you never understand what material it is.

Concrete ceilings

Concrete is widely used for ceilings these days, not because of its durability, but to create a mood and impress. A minimalist, all-white bedroom can look stunning with a rough concrete ceiling. If your space is industrial, such a ceiling is a must. Plus, concrete looks really cool on itself, so you can rock it all around, from floor to ceiling. Polished, mosaic, colorful, rough, it’s always trendy!

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