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Compact Wooden Sauna

Saunas are one of the best ways to relax. Hot air opens your pores and removes all toxins. It is generally believed that a home sauna is too great a luxury for most homes, usually due to a lack of space.

Today, many designers and brands are creating saunas for the home so that you can take advantage of this luxury when you need and want it. The Italian manufacturer Makro has created the possibility of integrating one into every home with the ESSENCE sauna, which is suitable for both the professional and the private sector.

The new sauna from Makro shows a contemporary architecture of the effect and a pure and essential design, which was conceived according to project quality and environmentally friendly criteria. It is a sophisticated wellness area that is suitable for both private and professional use. Available in natural and thermally treated hemlock and red cedar; The glasses can be transparent, bronze and smoky.

A distinctive feature is the full-height wooden frame of the door, a valuable technical solution that creates lights and shadows and precise graphic lines while integrating the opening system of the pivoting glass door, which is characterized by purity and elegance. What I also love about wood, not tile, is that wood gives you that spa feel of natural materials around you that tiles just can’t give. In addition, wood is the most popular material for any bathing area, so you are on trend with this sauna.

Buy Essence and let yourself relax and remove all toxins to be comfortable and warm in the sauna!

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