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Comfy Utensil Tray

Kohler is a well-known brand that makes great household items, and Lift is one of them: it’s Kohler’s answer to your wet utensil problems.

The lift is designed to hold all types of utensils and treat them differently instead of tucking them all in the same container and letting them drain. The tray consists of a lifting barrier that allows you to put large utensils such as casseroles and pots in it without them falling out. The barrier can be collapsed for normal utensils such as dishes that can be easily stacked in the grooves of the elevator.

Lift also comes with a neat, collapsible cutlery holder that only opens when needed and provides useful, scenario-specific real estate. The same goes for a collapsible rack that allows you to easily dry stemmed glasses (wine glasses) instead of leaving them lying around with plates and forks collecting scratches while at risk of breaking them. The lift also has a water channel at its base that directs all of the draining water straight into the sink, keeping your counter clean and your utensils dry.

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