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Colorful Teenage Loft Bedrooms by Tumidei

The nursery is usually not the largest in the house. Although sometimes they take up more space than others because the growth and the new things change the old ones. If there is more than one child, the problem becomes even bigger. Loft beds are the first step in upgrading your space. The second step are loft bedrooms. The Italian company Tumidei designed a great collection of such floor plans for youth rooms. The projection of the bedroom becomes a great fantasy test due to 33 material colors, 8 metal colors, different types of melamine, beds under the cupboards, cupboards under the beds, offices under the beds and above the cupboards. Almost everything in Tumidei’s loft bedrooms is customizable.

Loft bedrooms are not only space-saving. In addition to their functionality, Tumidei made them very cool and fashionable. They have a very contemporary design, so any modern teenager will stand up among their friends when they see such a room.

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