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Colorful Nursery Decor Ideas

With modern trends for everything neutral, we are used to seeing a lot of layered neutral spaces and spaces including kindergartens. But many of us still want to add some color to the kids rooms to make them happier, funnier and brighter. Colorful kindergartens lift the mood, offer great spaces to play and have fun and inspire design. Light colors are great for gender-neutral kindergartens and not for different decorating styles from boho to modern. Would you like to know how to add color to your children’s room? Here are a few ideas.

Colorful textiles

This is the easiest way to add color to the room. It’s the cheapest and easiest to replace. Rock brightly colored sheets, pillows, and blankets – they can be lovely to add color to the room. If you are good at sewing, crocheting or knitting, you can make blankets or pillows yourself. If you want something a little more neutral, you can just change the sheets. Colorful layered carpets and curtains continue the bright theme and add color to the room.

Colorful artwork and accessories

Gallery walls are very trendy for decorating rooms and you can rock one or more in the kid’s room. Use colorful artwork. These can be your child’s artwork and make the room brighter and more fun. Colorful cell phones and toys are nice for adding bold accents to your nursery decor, and brightly colored garlands and bunting create a cheerful ambience.

Other ideas

Colorful furniture, colorful tents and lamps, colorful chandeliers, books, toys and everything else make your kindergarten something very special. Take a look at the ideas we’ve gathered and get inspired to fill your child’s room with color.

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