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Colorful Mondrian Apartment

Rustem Urazmetov has completed his Mondrian interior design project in Moscow, Russia. The architect used a non-standard interior color scheme to express the owners’ individuality through bright colors and minimalist shapes.

Rustem Urazmetov’s open-plan apartment was designed for a young couple with one child. The living room, kitchen, hallway and bedroom form a single open area, while the bedroom can be separated by glass partitions and curtains. The toilet and bathroom were shared, the latter including a shower area and sauna. The style of the interior is reminiscent of the avant-garde art of the 20th century and the Bauhaus school and is particularly influenced by the work of Piet Mondrian.

All functional areas have a specific color, and the main volume of each room is monochromatic and graphic. This highlights the central elements in the apartment, such as the entrance and the bedroom in the open plan living room. The living room is visually separated by a bar that adds the necessary graphics. The bedroom is painted yellow, which is unusual for a private space. Given the cloudy and gray Moscow weather, this color choice will help brighten the interior. The kindergarten area was painted a similar color.

In addition to the general style, the basic principles of ergonomics of the Bauhaus school were also adopted. Every function in the interior is tailored to the needs of the apartment owner. The lighting is hidden as much as possible by built-in LED profiles. Each room has different lighting methods designed so that all areas are illuminated with different intensities, creating a common fill light or highlighting certain elements of the interior.

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