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Colorful Micro Persian Apartment

The architect Francesca Perani designed a micro-apartment for an Italian and Persian couple in the town of Albino in the Seriana Valley in Bergamo, Italy. The minimalist house is built on an open veranda that extends from a 1968 villa, originally designed by architect Armen Manoukian and renovated by Perani.

The original exterior has been retained while a new second skin has been added to provide shade and privacy from the front of the house while creating a triangular garden. The screen was made of perforated metal arranged in a folded pattern, adding to the visual interest of the south facade.

Inside, Perani used affordable materials like Warm OSB (non-toxic oriented beach board), a bold blue color nodding to the Persian indigo, and diagonal lines to offer a dramatic yet playful aesthetic. The structured grain of the OSB provides a unique backdrop for the room, so that the shiny blue resin accents burst.

Due to the elongated shape of the room, the custom interior needed to be flexible to serve different functions as needed. The window ledges serve as additional seating, while the deep, built-in bench on the opposite side becomes a platform for double mattresses for sleeping at night. The top of the bench rises and offers plenty of storage space. The bathroom is blue on every surface, creating dynamic sight lines when you stand at the opposite end of the apartment.

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