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Colorful Geometric Star Chair

There are many design trends out there, and geometry is definitely a trend that will stay here. Paired with neon or just bold colors, it gives your room an ultra-modern look. Do you want an example? Here it is!

The Star Chair by Lazariev Design is reminiscent of the Eames Eiffel base and is a prefabricated seating solution that is characterized by steel rod profiles as well as a soft backrest and seat. The design consists of four different sections that can be easily assembled by the user with simple screws. The finished product creates a striking geometry that is complemented by vivid colors. The geometry can be seen not only in the base, but also in the backrest and seat. The angled back hugs your back and lets you relax. The Star Chair not only has a super bold design, but is also very comfortable to sit on.

Be sure to be a timeless classic, order them in solid colors or combine colors to match your personal aesthetics. Give the Star Chair geometry and light colors a catchy touch!

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