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Colorful Contemporary Home

Iguana Architects worked with a growing musical family on a recent project that included a renovation, loft and addition to a 1930s London semi-detached house. The finished design is a larger house that maximizes natural light, uses natural materials and is topped off with a green roof.

The original property was a two story house with a glass conservatory added 20 years before customers bought it. The winter garden was in poor condition, either too cold in winter or far too hot in summer, with leaks and additional problems. Avoiding the typical box-like addition, the architect and the owners agreed on the scope of the project, which included the extension of the original ground floor with a loft with two bedrooms and a bathroom and a renovation of the first floor.

The finished product resulted in a beautiful new kitchen, dining room, and family room built under an asymmetrical butterfly roof line with lots of skylights to give the space good lighting. On top of the unique structure is a green roof, which indicates biophilic design. To avoid the high costs associated with typical kitchen design, the architect designed the kitchen himself and worked with a craftsman to make it a reality. The next step was adding paint, which they chose two for – teal and yellow – and layered in birch and concrete to finish off the space. The addition opens to the rear garden with glass doors that fold to the side so that the rooms can be connected.

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