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Colorful Boho Chic Kitchen Designs

Bohemian style means color! Colors and patterns that sometimes interweave to evoke works of art. A boho kitchen design is an extremely colorful, juicy, and unusual space – as if you were in another world! How can you achieve a look like this? Paint the walls with bright colors, take unusual furniture – maybe vintage or shabby chic – and create a colorful backsplash. Add plants and natural wood, maybe some Moroccan pieces like carpets or patterned tiles – this style goes really well with bohemian chic. Rustic and vintage styles go very well with this too, so don’t hesitate to mix them up. Below are some pretty examples of boho chic kitchens. Let yourself be inspired!

Bright boho kitchens

If you love light colors, opt for a colorful boho kitchen: for colorful walls, colorful cabinets, tables and chairs. You can also add a colorful backsplash and flooring to make the room very colorful. Mix different prints and colors, don’t be afraid to layer them to make the kitchen very bright and colorful. To make your kitchen more boho, you can add potted greens and blossoms, jute rugs and layered textiles in bold colors, and of course, brightly colored china.

Bright touches in boho kitchens

How else can you make your boho kitchen colorful? First of all, these can be colorful works of art and textiles – curtains, carpets, towels with a lot of prints and colors. Second, go for light china, dishes, and cookware to get it excited. Small details like this fit in any room, not just a boho, and they can be easily swapped out to make the kitchen look different. Add potted greens and blooms to make the kitchen look fresher and more boho.

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