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Colorful Animal Geometric Lamps

Geometry and faceted objects are trendy these days and integrating them into your interior makes it very creative and interesting at the same time. Here’s a nice and cute way to do this easily.

OWL is a Lisbon lamp brand founded by two architects in 2016. It features a wide variety of cute wildlife that can be turned into volumetric lamps using simple origami techniques. There are different designs of owls, roaring hippos, curious rabbits and proud penguins. These lamp designs focus on large, endangered mammals. The main role of the lamps is to make them think about wildlife and to show animals in a playful abstract way. With design you invent stories and it is fun to illuminate the room.

Paperlamps come in different colors and look like origami pieces to brighten up your space. They fit into both a child and an adult’s space. So take a look around and choose your perfect and colorful animal.

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