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Color Changing Furniture

If you like vibrant colors and shades and are looking for bold furniture designs, you’ve come to the right place! Asian designers are always ahead of their time, and the collection we share today will prove it again. The “Color Flow” mini-collection from the Korean studio Orijeen is super bold and chic, with beautiful color gradients created with lenticular technology.

Lenticular technology is a high resolution process that creates visual effects. When such pressure is applied to the surface of the furniture, the perceived color changes can occur. It gives an illusion of depth or the ability to change or move when the picture is viewed from different angles. The colors will change based on your position.

The collection consists of two storage units, a free-standing wardrobe and a small sideboard. The futuristic design of the furniture is not only provided with colors, but also with strongly curved shapes. The small sideboard is available in pink, blue and purple, while the cloakroom is available in blue and green. Such furniture will make a bold statement in your interior, it is a chic and eye-catching touch and will lift your mood with vibrant hues and I assure you – you will not see anything like this in other people’s homes, so bring this unique one with you Touch your space!

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