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Color Blocking Dipping Light

Color blocking is a hot trend for home decor. If you love it and are looking for ways to incorporate it into your home decor, here is one of them.

London-based designer Jordi Canudas dipped glass spheres in layers of semi-transparent paint to create a colorful lighting series. The table lamp is known as a diving light and has a spherical glass body that rests on a cylindrical brass stand. Each lamp was dipped three times in the colored paint to create a multilayered gradient effect.

The lamp is available in two sizes and six colors: green, amber, pink, gray, black and blue. Each lamp shines with different shades of light depending on the color of the paint, thus generating a wide range of ambient lights that match any decor. Canudas wanted the table lamp to emit a soft light in a soft shade. The layers of color catch the light and moderate its intensity over the glass ball. The lamp doubles as a home decoration when not in use. When it is switched off, its colored glass ball is an object full of beauty, a striking design piece for a shelf, bed or table.

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