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Colonial House Modern Interior

Californian company Síol Studios has kept the historic character of an apartment from the 1920s while adding contemporary elements, including an eclectic selection of furniture and artwork. The Genesee project covers 172 square meters and is a second home for the family.

The Spanish colonial house has white-painted stucco facades and a red tile roof and arched windows and doors. It also has a garden, swimming pool and a detached guest house. The customers wanted to keep the charm of the house and at the same time adapt it to their personal taste. They turned to Síol Studios in San Francisco to renovate the interior and add awnings and an exterior patio.

The aim was to create a subtle freshness, a delicacy of the room that is created by the merging of sculptural forms. While certain elements have been retained, parts of the interior have been completely reconfigured. The kitchen was relocated to the back of the house, where the team also installed a folding glass door that seamlessly connected to the back yard. The kitchen area has green cabinets and terracotta floor tiles with an arabesque motif. One of the unusual elements of the kitchen is a bronze partition that merges with an ash bar. In the breakfast nook, a pink banquet wraps a wooden dining table with angled legs.

The dining room features a collection of live surfboards by artist Barry McGee. A wooden sideboard offers space for storing dishes. In the master bedroom, the team covered the walls with ultra-thin curtains that give the room a softness. The floor-to-ceiling curtains also help control the lighting conditions.

The team also renovated a free-standing studio with a total area of ​​28 square meters. The studio has a bedroom, a bathroom and a kitchenette. When it came to the backyard, the team kept the small lawn and mature plants of the house. Changes have been made to the swimming pool – one side has been made flatter and a hot tub with a waterfall edge has been installed.

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