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Coastal Home Nordic Aesthetic

Elegantly nestled in the natural landscape that represents the coastal dunes to the east of Victoria, this family vacation home was built by Kennedy Nolan Architects.

The house is mostly made of wood, which is suitable for the bushfire area. The exterior is designed in gray to eventually be camouflaged between the rolling sand dunes. The house is spread over several levels due to the steep terrain and is located in a sheltered courtyard that serves as a refuge from the prevailing local winds and facilitator of the house’s level changes, as well as a communal area in the heart of the family’s beach experience. The inner courtyard serves as an entrance hall and also connects the four zones into which the house is divided: a living and dining area, a master bedroom, a child / guest wing and a bathroom. The wind turbine configuration gives you the feeling of always being together without giving up the need for privacy. It offers seclusion in the individual zones, but also facilitates encounters in an organized or random way.

Combined with a minimalist interior design, the widespread use of wood for both building fabrics and furniture gives the house a Nordic aesthetic. Sage and gray-painted wood wall coverings complement natural wood surfaces, while stone floor tiles, rattan carpets, cottons, and leather textures complete the muted palette of natural materials and earthy tones. Sloping wooden ceilings, reflecting the steep terrain of the building, reflect the morphology of the coast through their arched shape, thus deepening the connection between the house and the natural landscape.

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