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Coastal Home Decor Ideas

Coastal and beach houses used to be colorful, with lots of red, coral, and bold blue, but modern coastal houses are none of that. If you want to give your seaside home a fresh, contemporary look, it is high time to dig deep into what’s trendy and current. Ready to do that? Let’s go!

Layer neutral

Layering neutrals is very trendy for many styles of decoration, but for beach and coastal houses it is really luxurious and beautiful. To keep your room from feeling flat, mix different shades: white and off-white, light brown and beige, light brown and light gray. Adding subtle pops of color is also a good idea: light aqua, light blue, or even turquoise will refresh the room. You can also forego bright splashes and opt for an all-white room popular for tropical homes and spice up the interior with brightly stained wood furniture.

Choose outdoor-inspired furniture

In addition to integrating contemporary and comfortable furniture into your interior, consider adding furniture for the outdoors. In the open air, I mean cane, rattan, and woven parts – chairs, benches, chests, sideboards, armchairs, and others. Pay special attention to sugar cane, which is a hot decor trend right now. Add texture to your space including leather furniture such as B. Sofas and chairs, and underline the modern style with elegant wood and plywood items.

Bring in green

Where would coastal decor be without an added touch of green? Green is very important as it really elevates the mood and makes your space look like being outdoors. Put potted greens here and there with wooden and woven planters, put large leaves in vases and instantly freshen up your space. You can also opt for succulents and cacti if you don’t want greenery – these plants are extremely trendy. If you are not in the mood for real plants, buy some fake but high quality ones. Take a look at our ideas and be inspired!

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