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Coastal Cabin On Stilts

In a small village on the Maine coast surrounded by woodland, the Whitten Architects team built a wonderful cabin retreat that combines modern design with rustic influences. The cabin stands on steel pillars that lift it off the ground as a single story in the air. This gives it a tree house-inspired look and helps keep the area below in line with the eco-friendly concept behind this entire project.

The cabin is U-shaped and forms a lovely courtyard around a row of large trees that have been preserved on the site. In this regard, the architects have done their best to preserve the natural environment as much as possible. The hut was built from natural materials from the region and is easier to integrate into the surrounding forest.

The designers developed a floor plan that takes advantage of the sea view visible through the gaps between the trees. The large windows and opening further help camouflage the building while still framing the beautiful views and letting in plenty of natural light. Inside, the cabin has a very relaxed and welcoming design. White pine and Douglas fir were used for most of the flooring, wood and ceiling paneling, and for the custom-made furniture. Elements such as the kitchen island and the double-sided fireplace also serve as room dividers and create separations within the large open volumes.

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