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Classics Modern Twist Furniture

Classics are classics, it always works, but it can seem a bit boring and common. Today we present a very creative and bold furniture collection that was inspired by classics but given a modern twist.

Dmitriy & Co recently released its latest collection, which is a mix of classics and modern touches. The pieces were conceived by mixing 19th century Parisian furniture with elements from mid-century design that embody refined shapes with a calm sophistication. The collection consists of five pieces: an ottoman / chair, a dining table, a large sofa, a creamy sofa with a modern shape and an L-shaped sofa.

Each piece is handcrafted with careful attention to subtle details, with the tailoring expressed through hand-sewn seams, similar to the couturier craftsmanship. Manufacturers wanted to create pieces that not only change the space but also the way users interact with the piece. The production of the pieces serves both as a vehicle for artistic expression and as an ancient craft that remains anchored in the legacy of Dmitriy & Co. The pieces are all hand made, get inspired and get something for your space!

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