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Chic Trendy Mid Century Modern Bedroom Designs

Mid-century modern style is very on trend now, everyone is trying to bring a bit of retro into their home. Today I’m going to inspire you with mid-century modern rooms that are so chic and cozy you won’t take your eyes off! These bedrooms are full of light; Some of them are made in light tones, others with bold colors. Take chic mid-century modern furniture to create an ambience – a bed, sideboards, and chairs in rich wood tones. Mid-century modern lamps or even chandeliers and retro textiles will help you improve the look of the bedroom. Geometric decor and glazing will help you make the bedroom even better. Be inspired by our tips for creating such a bedroom and the examples we have prepared!

Colors and materials

What color schemes for a mid-century modern bedroom? When you become classics, give preference to light and warm shades such as rust, burgundy, emerald, mustard, red, green and so on. Mixing mid-century modern with other styles? When mid-century modern meets contemporary or minimalist, go for lighter colors like gray, white, cream, black, and neutrals of all kinds. You can also try classics in black and white that give the bedroom a slightly boho feel. Are you getting glamorous? Incorporate blush or pink, add pastel colors and voila!

When it comes to materials, wood is a must – give preference to strong and warm stains. Fluffy carpets and upholstery make your room cozier and warmer. Leather armchairs and stools, leather benches, and even upholstered beds are what you need for a mid-century modern bedroom.

Furniture and decor

What you need to create a proper look is a stylish and sleek mid-century modern bedroom that may or may not feel contemporary. Wooden or upholstered beds are a must for a mid-century modern bedroom. Cozy velvet and leather armchairs are welcome to make your bedroom more stylish and cooler. Wooden bedside tables, metal pendant lights and printed carpets complete the look. Add accessories and decorations of the style you want – boho, minimalist, contemporary, glamor or others. Get inspired!

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