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Chic Scandinavian Fall Decor Ideas

The Nordic decor became popular a few years ago and it is still because of its minimalism and natural accents that make any room stylish and cozy with little effort. I think that this type of decor for autumn or winter is very timely, because in these seasons we need more comfort and coziness than in spring or summer. What is a Scandinavian autumn room? The color scheme is really Nordic: black, grays and whites, or ivory, but if it’s fall, consider using a few splashes of fall color. Naturalness is one of the main features of such a decor. So add natural wood, bring pine cones, apples, antlers, pumpkins, twigs, and fall leaves. Knitted and fur or faux fur accessories are great for decorating in the fall or winter, as it is so convenient to wrap them in a knitted blanket to sit in front of the fireplace or just on the sofa when it is raining outside. Let the following ideas inspire you and design your cozy autumn room!

Colors and materials

Scandinavian decor is all about airy and neutral decor, which can be spiced up with shades of gray, black and some metallics. Try different textures and materials to upgrade your decor: china, faux fur, wicker, wood, stone, and other materials to make the decor cooler and more catchy. Treat colors naturally here – no strong colors and patterns are welcome. If you still want some patents, go for botanical or animal, but in simple and muted colors for a natural feel.


What to use for Scandinavian fall decor? Prefer natural elements such as branches with flowers and leaves, place potted plants and greens, add acorns, nuts, apples and pears, pumpkins are also welcome. Opt for matte black and white vases, color block pots in muted hues, a tool box or metal tray to create a catchy centerpiece, and so on. Fall leaves and twigs are a must to decorate a Nordic fall room. Just keep them in their natural colors. Beauty is in simplicity. So make the decor all natural and cool so that you can create a welcoming atmosphere at home that we don’t need anymore!

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