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Charming Vintage Sunroom Decor Ideas

Conservatories or just a sunny corner are a must in spring, autumn or winter when it’s too cold to stay outside. This can also be a porch or even a former greenhouse with full or partial glazing. I want to share wonderful vintage conservatory decorating ideas that will definitely pass you out!

Colors and styles

Vintage rooms are usually neutral or white, although you can spice them up with a little pastel colors too. Light and dark hues aren’t a good idea, though you can try a vibrant accessory or two if that’s what you want. Choose how you want to make your conservatory feel and don’t just make it vintage – will it be refined? Shabby chic? Rustic? Cottage-like? Scandinavian? All of these options are welcome to add charm to the room. When you combine vintage decor with some of these details, you get a personal space, a room with character.


What I love most about any vintage room is adorable, sophisticated furniture, whether you buy it from designers, at a flea market, or make it yourself. When you get rustic, buy or buy stained furniture too. Basketry and woven items are very welcome – a conservatory is indoor and outdoor so this is a good way to make it stand out. Opt for beautiful flower carpets, bedspreads, tablecloths and pillows to make the room cozier and cuter. Statement lights and chandeliers help create an atmosphere, and candelabra, marble planters, and other accessories polish the decor. Get inspired!

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