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Charming Morocco Style Patio Designs

Morocco is an exotic country in North Africa, which is characterized by its particular eastern style. The Moroccan style is very popular thanks to its bright colors and exotic charm and is used by many designers for the design of interiors. If you want a Moroccan-style patio, you need bright fabric – baldaquins, cushions and rugs, low tables and chairs, geometric patterns, bright stools and ottomans, and of course, fantastic Moroccan lanterns! Eastern lanterns are a special theme; They are made of metal and glass, also very colorful and with a candle inside – that is the real charm of the east! Below are some cool examples of Moroccan courtyards. Enjoy and be inspired!


Traditionally, the Moroccan style is about bright colors and many patterns. This is why he is so loved by boho fans. Orange, teal, pink, fuchsia, red, green, purple – mix all or some of these and add prints – as many as you want, don’t be afraid to look over the top. If you want to make the Moroccan style more contemporary, you can just go neutral – white, ivory, tan, cream and bring in the colors with lanterns, rugs and other accessories – just a little bit of that, not a lot.

Furniture and accessories

If you want more authenticity, go for carved wood furniture and low metal coffee tables. If not – keep the furniture simple and choose traditional accessories and decorations. The Moroccan style is all about bright decor and lots of accessories everywhere. Colorfully printed boho carpets, bright blankets and pillows and cushions, leather stools and of course lanterns, traditional Moroccan lanterns everywhere. Add woven baskets and wicker chairs if you want, and voila – a cool Moroccan patio is ready!

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