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Chair With A Cozy Design

Warmth and cosiness are exactly what we all need at home. When buying furniture, keep this in mind: it should be cozy and create a welcoming atmosphere. The piece we’re sharing today is exactly what you need: it’s so comfortable you’ll never want to leave it.

Norwegian designer Andreas Engesvik has combined soft fabrics with a lying wooden frame to create a chair that feels like a familiar figure. The Agnes chair is suitable for both city apartments and summer houses. Its design is quite simple and universal and fits in many rooms. Its shape and form should be informal and relaxed. The chair is light and can be moved easily.

The frame of the Agnes chair is made from Scandinavian wood, and then a carpet-like leather or textile padding is draped over the wooden frame to give the chair a more relaxed feel. This textile can also be removed and repaired to extend the life of the chair. The dark green upholstery fits well in many rooms – from neutral to colorful.

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