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Cedar Clad Modern Home Extension

This house is a cedar-clad extension to a duplex in Birmingham. It was built and furnished by Intervention Architecture for an illustrator and got its name – Illustrator’s Botanical House.

The team opened the living quarters as much as possible. The light falls from the northeast facing garden and the additional space has a stronger collection with the green outside. At the rear of the house, a large living, kitchen and dining area fills the entire width of the site and leads into the protruding extension with a sliding door. Upstairs is a bedroom and bathroom on the more private first floor, accessed by stairs in the middle of the house.

The extended living areas are carried over to a paved limestone terrace through a large opening bay window and an adjacent row of doors. The original wooden frames have been replaced with black Crittall-style aluminum frames, which give the lower floor of the house a slightly industrial feel. White Formica plywood, concrete countertops, and natural wood surfaces are used throughout the living, kitchen, and dining areas, contrasting with the somewhat rougher garden room accented by a bold green band around the lower half of the walls.

To further accentuate the indoor / outdoor space, they used reclaimed, sanded hexagonal terracotta tiles in the garden room to add warmth and rough texture to the space between the house and the limestone paving slabs. This use of green accents continues in the main bathroom with aquamarine tiles. Black lights in the bathroom are reminiscent of the black window frames.

A short hallway leads from the front of the house into these new, open spaces where the interior floors have been chosen to give a sense of continuity. For the flooring, the team suggested a contemporary, longer format of herringbone oak boards for the main room to match the smaller existing herringbone blocks in the hallway of the house.

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