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Carbon House Sculptural Roof

The Carbon House is a modern villa with a tropical and very interesting design in Kecamatan Kuta Selatan, a subdistrict in Bali, Indonesia. It was designed and built by Alexis Dornier and uses the surroundings and natural landscape in his favor.

The villa has a total of 360 square meters of living space. It has four bedrooms and a series of bright and spacious communal areas that open out and invite the outdoors and vice versa. Floor-to-ceiling windows and sliding glass doors make the transition as seamless as possible, and the sculptural roof over the terrace makes it completely invisible. The choice of materials is also designed to help the structure communicate harmoniously with its surroundings. It contains materials such as more than a hundred years old teak, terrazzo, local limestone and reclaimed ironwood. The site offers a wonderful panoramic view that is highlighted in a very pleasant way – through glass doors and windows and a breathtaking view from the terrace. The furniture is mostly contemporary and modern and very neutral so as not to distract attention from the view and surroundings.

An essential detail in the overall design of the house is the roof with a unique structure. It sits flat over the interiors and forms overhangs. On one side, it seems to merge seamlessly into a huge triangular slab that hovers over part of the terrace and pool area. This is a unique idea that really sets the villa apart from all other homes here. Impressive!

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