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Candy Colored Holiday Home

Designed by Taiwanese interior design practice KC Design Studio as a vacation spot for the owner and her three cats, this three-story oceanfront home in Zhunan, northwestern Taiwan, is a playful, pink oasis with maximum comfort for people and cats. Pink glass partitions and a collection of manga and cartoon inspired characters and artwork make this house truly unique and special.

On the lower level, an open living and entertainment area is fictitiously divided into a seating, dining and kitchen area by a breakfast bar and a dining table, which are aligned to a two-part kitchen island. The master bedroom and cat playroom are divided by a glass partition that allows the owner to watch the cats play or sleep from their bed (and vice versa) and allow natural light to pour in from the playroom’s large windows into the bedroom. The designers have creatively endowed the reign of cats with an array of playful features, like a carousel-like revolving metal spiral staircase that hangs from the ceiling, a fluffy swing, and steps and ledges around the room, including one that converts into a desk. A walk-in closet in the bedroom is surrounded by floor-to-ceiling pink glass, while the pink and white tiled bathroom is separated from the playroom by a terrazzo and pink glass divider that can be dimmed for privacy.

The owner’s characters show famous cartoon characters, from Bugs Bunny and Sponge Bob to KWAS ‘Companions, Disney’s Beauty and the Beast and Hello Kitty, which are prominently displayed in arched niches behind the dining table and on special podiums at the entrance.

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