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Budget Mountain Home

With the idea of ​​creating a beautiful retirement home for their clients and having a wonderful view to inspire them, UZ Architecture has exceeded all expectations with one of their latest projects, the DH House. There were many constraints and constraints to be considered throughout the project, such as the small budget and the rough and hilly terrain, as well as the regulations that prevented major changes to the land. At the same time, the somewhat remote location meant difficult access to large construction vehicles.

All of the constraints ultimately led to simple design and the use of low tech building strategies. DH House is located in the center of Taiwan on a mountain that is framed by two valleys. The simple design and the light metal structure with A-frame and double roof enable good integration and also suit the hot and humid climate of the region. Much of the house appears to float, hanging from a series of pillars and forming a covered terrace below.

Inside the house, the decor is simple and airy, with large windows that catch the light and breathtaking views. The color scheme chosen for the interiors is pretty neutral and the materials are very simple which makes them super inviting and cozy. Check out this cool home and get inspired!

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