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Budget Bedroom Renovating

2019 has come and you haven’t renovated anything in your house? Update some rooms to make them more welcoming – spring is coming and you can say hello as you renovate your home. Make some decorations on a budget in your kitchen, bathroom, and maybe your bedroom. A bedroom is a very important space, your relaxation oasis and your sleeping place, a little refreshment doesn’t cost much. I’ve prepared some cool ideas for you, don’t hesitate to steal them!

Create an instruction wall

A statement wall behind your headboard is always a cool way to go, it’s a bold and trendy accent in your bedroom. There are many ways to create such a wall: with paint, with murals, wallpaper, bricks, stone, wood and so on. The trendiest idea is wallpaper, especially retro wallpaper. She is a hot way to add charm to the room. Stone, brick and weathered wood add texture and interest to the room depending on the look chosen. If you’re looking to add color, consider ombre and color blocking, which are the most edgy techniques for modern homes.

Swap bedside tables

Take your old bedside table and repaint it in bold colors. Or throw it away and buy or build a new one – if you don’t have a lot of space, consider a very small or floating bedside table. A floating part or an entire arrangement of bedside tables on the wall offers you enough storage space and comfort. A hanging bedside table is another cool idea to save space. It’s not important to match the bedside tables – mismatches are a hot trend.

Change the textiles

The bedrooms are all about textiles: carpets, curtains, bed linen, blankets and pillows. Hence, it is a good idea to switch them. Add prints, colors, and textures to your bed and create a beautiful, inviting space to sleep in. You can try anything you want and anything that goes with your bedroom decor, textures a lot as they allow the use of colors, even neutrals, and still make the bed bold. Get inspired!

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